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Part 5 (Continued)
Great American Dog-Friendly Road TripTM
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After viewing the 9/11 memorial, we started walking into the city. We stopped for lunch at the Amish Market located at 17 Battery Place. They had nice outdoor seats in the back, accessible from the side street. After getting our food from the deli, we sat outside with Toby and had our lunch.  
As we walked into the city, we came upon the spot where the World Trade Centers had fallen. In this photo, we show the silver pedestrian bridge that crosses over the street. This bridge takes you right next to "ground zero". We took Toby on the bridge with us and the security guards said nothing to us, so I assumed dogs were allowed.
Up on the pedestrian bridge, there is a viewing spot where many people stopped to see the destruction and ground zero. Just about everyone there, including us, had tissues handy.
Here is what we saw from the bridge. Construction crews were busy setting up the site to build a new World Trade Center. 
After walking down across the bridge, on the other side of the site, were many signs and plaques telling stories about 9/11. 
From this area we also saw part of the building that survived, the beam that looked like a cross.
We continued our urban hike through the city. Here is a photo of Toby and I on Wall Street.
Seaport Village allows dogs outside on the walkway, so we paid a visit to this shopping and dining area. We all had some ice cream, including Toby, at the Haagen Dazs Ice Cream shop. 
From the Seaport Village, where there were many tourists and some business people, security was highly visible. We saw several policemen with guns drawn standing guard. Nothing special was going on, so it is my best guess that is was part of the security that continues since 9/11. 
To get back to our ferry, we either had to keep walking or take a taxi. We were all pretty tired at this point, so we were able to pretty easily flag down a taxi. I was suspected that we would have a harder time since we had a dog, but the second taxi we waved at stopped for all of us, including Toby. Here is a photo of Toby inside the taxi reading the taxi fees. When we asked the taxi driver what their pet policy is, he told us that most drivers will take small pets in carriers and that it is up to the driver's discretion as to whether or not they allow larger dogs.
Here is photo of the taxi we took to the Seastreak Ferry.
After a nice but tiring day in New York City, we were ready to head back to our hotel room at the Red Roof Inn in Tinton Falls, New Jersey. We look the Seastreak Ferry back to New Jersey. There were two New Jersey ports that have similar names and we ended up going to the wrong one! We called a taxi in New Jersey, and they were not as keen on taking a dog in the cab. So I took took the taxi (along with another couple of lost tourists) to the other port and to our cars. I then drove back to pick up my husband and Toby. 

Next Newsletter: The dog-friendly side of Harper's Ferry in West Virginia, Williamsburg in Virginia, Savannah in Georgia, and Jekyll Island in Georgia.

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