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American Kennel ClubLists show regulations and nationwide dog shows/events for purebred dogs.
BASH (Bay Area Siberian Husky)This club offers a newsletter and membership for owners of Siberian Huskies. They also offer two weekends in the snow country, where everyone gets a chance to harness his or her dogs to a sled and enjoy the thrill of mushing. Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, California.
The Belmont Bowser ClubThis club's official site includes information about the Cipriana Dog Park located in Belmont, California.
California Canine HikersLos Angeles, California club that sponsors weekly, evening and weekend hikes with dogs.
Canine Kennel ClubThe Canine Kennel Club is a multi-purpose organization. They have nationwide shows all over the U.S. and they recognize over 500 breeds. The CKC has registration, temperament evaluations, obedience,topdog of the year, and more!
Fort Funston Dog WalkersA community organization of dog owners and dog lovers who want to protect and preserve one of the largest and most beautiful dog-friendly parks in America: Fort Funston. Located in San Francisco, California.
Houston Clickers Dog Training GroupHouston Clickers is a group of dog trainers and owners in the southeast Texas area, who are involved in a variety of dog sport and activities with their dogs. Whether in formal obedience, agility, flyball, SAR or breed-specific activities, Houston Clickers share the love of dogs that compels them use clicker training, operant conditioning and other positive methods and techniques to teach their dogs to share their lives in such fun ways!
NYCDOG (New York Council of Dog Owners Group)NYCDOG was founded to unite dog owners and dog owner groups throughout New York. They are dedicated to improving their communities by promoting the establishment and maintenance of humane off leash recreation opportunities, responsible dog ownership and respectful park stewardship.
Pacific Beach Dog Owners Group (PB DOG)This is an organization of responsible local dog owners who are seeking the shared use of Kate Sessions Park or a local park where dogs and people can have fun leash free...and legally enjoy themselves. Serving the San Diego area, California.
San Diego D.O.G. (Dog Owner Group)San Diego D.O.G. advocates the benefits of the human canine bond. They raise awareness and funds for various dog centered activities. Membership offers discounts on dog products and services, a newsletter, and a San Diego pet publication including a map. They are also the American Eskimo and Shiba Inu Rescue contact for the San Diego Animal Control Center. This group works to promote, propose and preserve dog parks. Serving the San Diego area, California.
San Francisco Dog Owners Group (SF DOG)Dedicated to preserving and expanding safe, responsible, off-leash access for dogs in San Francisco, California and in surrounding communities.
USDAAUnited States Dog Agility Association. Web site includes a nationwide event list.
Vancouver Dog Owners' Association (VANDOG)We are an organization of responsible dog owners dedicated to lobbying the necessary governmental departments and boards to effect a more dog-friendly city and to providing education to dog owners on responsible dog ownership. Located in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.
Jack Russell Terrier Network of Northern CaliforniaThe JRTNNC is the largest Jack Russell club in the western states. We are one of nineteen Jack Russell Terrier Club of America affiliate Clubs and Networks across the United States and believe in the national club's motto to preserve, protect and work the Jack Russell Terrier.
Jack Russell Terrier Club of AmericaThe Jack Russell Terrier Club of America (JRTCA) is the largest Jack Russell Terrier club and registry in the world. The JRTCA and its registry were founded for the purpose of protecting and preserving the unique characteristics and working heritage of this great little terrier, and remains dedicated to that purpose today.
Westminster Kennel ClubThe nation's second oldest sporting event, The Westminster Dog Show in New York, is run by this kennel club. Their event, held in February, attracts over 35,000 spectators each year.

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