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Assistance Dog Laws and Legal ResourcesThis page is designed to serve as a tool for those interested in learning more about access rights for people with disabilities partnered with assistance dogs, and gain an understanding of the various laws that are in place. Based in the United States.
DogWatchTheir mission is to watch for and alert people to poorly thought out canine legislation in North America and abroad, providing timely access to information, human networks, and resources that will help groups strategically oppose breed specific legislation (BSL) in their areas on a just-in-time basis. (Joel R. Zand, Esq.)A New York based lawyer for pets and pet owners. Do you have an interesting case or reported decision affecting pets? Attorneys, judges, and pet owners are encouraged to send actual decisions of cases they would like to see reported on this web site.
AKC's Canine Legislation DepartmentThe American Kennel Club's Canine Legislation Department monitors and provides input for federal, state and local legislation governing responsible dog ownership. AKC Canine Legislation also provides position statements.
Legal & Consultative ServiceRoger Blair has consulted on several dog related cases in the legal system and the insurance industry. If you and your clients find yourselves in the position where you bare the burden of proof in a dog related case, he can speaking on behalf of dogs and can clarify much of the gray area which can make case management perplexing.
Voices For PetsVoices For Pets is an advocacy group seeking justice for non-human animals who have been violently mistreated or murdered. We strive to make the public aware of violent crimes and seek their support to punish the offender within the legal court system. Has Voices For Pets been effective? Yes! We have had a dramatic impact on the way our courts view violence against animals. Where traditionally incarceration of perpetrators who commit violence against animals was not a real consideration for most D.A. offices, we have become a force to change this and help ensure violent offenders go to jail. We’ve also been successful in getting the word out to the public about who the violent criminals are and how we can all stand together to ensure these tragedies don’t go unpunished and unabated. We have also made strides in causing politicians to consider and acknowledge our concerns and legal agendas to effect change and protect non-human animals.

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