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Agility SiteDog Agility site with event listings, articles and more! Agility is a sporting event in which one dog and one human work together so that the dog successfully navigates a series of obstacles arranged in a random course.
California Canine DiscMastersHigh Performance Frisbee Dogs - these famous dogs are available for a variety of venues.
Camping with Your DogGreat information and tips about camping with your best friend(s).
Carting with Your DogFrom training tips and carting activities to equipment vendors, this is a great site if you are interested in carting with your dog.
DogpatchBreed pages, agility events and more.
Francis's Blade CentralHow to In-Line Skate with your Dog! Rollerblading tips for you and a canine companion.
Hennigan's Spinning Frisbee® K9sCan dogs really run like the wind, spin like a top and fly like a bird? Impossible you say. Then try to imagine six dogs at the same time! Powered by SCIENCE DIET® brand pet food, the world famous Hennigan's Spinning Frisbee® K9's are here to dazzle and delight you.
Skijoring EquipmentBuy the required gear to skijor with your pooch!
Skijoring - Cross Country Skiing with Your DogExplains the sport of skijoring, the equipment needed, how to hook up your dog and getting your dog to run.
Skijoring - Sports Illustrated ArticleNice article on skijoring.
Stockdogs in ActionUsing a Scottish theme, complete with bagpipe music, some of the world's smartest dogs display their amazing skills in a lively, humorous and entertaining program called STOCK DOGS IN ACTION. Book them for your next event! provides outdoor adventure gear for dogs. Anything you might need to take your dog hiking, biking, running, camping, backpacking or paddling can be found here. Products include collapsible travel bowls, running leashes, backpacks, boots, coats, deodorizers, and much more!
Police K9 HomepageThey have lists of Sample K9 Unit Performance Standards, Police Dog Associations, Police Dog Equipment, Publications, Training and more.
The Message Dog SportThe basic idea is that the dog runs a relatively long distance between two handlers to "deliver a message" (in his collar). In Swedish they call this "Rapporthund", which is probably also related to the history of this sport: in the old days the military dogs were used to deliver messages on the battlefield fast, quietly and unnoticed.
Fun Match CentralThis site aspires to be the best source for Canadian fun/correction/sanction obedience matches information.
Agility AbilityThe largest repository for agility information on the Net! You can browse, check the Site Map, or Search for everything you'll want find on the sport of Dog Agility! Caution: This sport is highly addictive!
Doggie Fun ZoneDoggie Fun Zone is a mobile amusement park designed and intended for those looking to participate with their pets in various interactive sports focused games designed exclusively for dogs. No experience is necessary! Visit their website for a list of scheduled events.

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